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HPE Proactive Care - Getting Started

So You’ve Purchased HPE Proactive Care ... What Next?

When you purchase HPE Proactive Care, there are two simple steps to follow to activate the support so that you can benefit from the proactive elements such as 24×7 remote monitoring and automatic call logging from IRS and regular health checks and scans of your environment.

Link your support agreements on the HPE Support Centre – you’ll need a HPE Passport account if you don’t already have one. You can sue the same account for all of your support agreements including warranties, packaged support (previously Care Pack) and contracts.

You will need your HPE Support Agreement ID (SAID) and your Support Account Reference (SAR or sometimes known as System Handle, System ID or Functional Location). These should be sent to you directly from HPE in an activation letter, shortly after your Proactive care support is registered (don’t worry, Support Warehouse register the support on your behalf).
Connect your devices – you need to connect your devices with Insight Remote Support in order for HPE to deliver the problem prevention and remote monitoring service features of Proactive Care Service.

You receive 8 hours of remote support as standard for installing IRS with your Proactive Care support agreement. Call 0844 806 3425 and say “Insight Remote Support” on the voice-activated menu to access the assistance.

Watch this short video on how to get started with HPE Proactive Care.

If you have purchased your HPE Proactive Care support as a packaged service (not a services contract) you will still receive an SAID number in your activation letter.

You can visit HPE’s website for further links and resources for activating your Proactive Care support.

HPE have also released a video about explaining the benefits of Proactive Care Central; watch it below.