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Support Warehouse Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Partner
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HPE Technical Services

As one of the world’s leading vendors of IT hardware, HPE has developed a portfolio of support services to suit every customer’s need.

Accelerate your business with HPE Technology Services
Jonathan Madge, Technology Services Portfolio Manager, HPE

When you purchase your HPE hardware, the item will be covered by limited warranty (sometimes known as standard or base warranty). This usually covers a three year period and the support available without charge is likely to be next business day on-site with access to HPE chat and the HPE Support Center.
The majority of HPE equipment is critical for the smooth running of our customers’ operations and they therefore tend to consider that standard warranty support is not adequate. They would generally seek a higher service level and a longer period of cover.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a portfolio of services that can be purchased either at the same time as the hardware or at any point during its supported life.

HPE Support Agreements
There are two ways to buy HPE Technical Support Services - Packaged Services and Services Contracts.
HPE Packaged Technical Services

HPE Packaged Services

A pre-determined support agreement for a specific piece of HPE equipment

HPE Technical Services Contracts

HPE Services Contracts

A more flexible way to purchase technical support services where you own more than 10 items of HPE equipment