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HPE Services Contracts

Services Contracts are generally more applicable if you have in excess of 10 items of Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware (servers, storage or networking devices) as they provide a more flexible way to purchase technical support services.

Each HPE Services Contract is individually quoted – there is no published list price for the technical support provided under the agreement. Quotations will take into account any support provision still in place on each item of hardware (standard warranty or Packaged Service) and this is reflected in the pricing. As such the quotation process takes longer, but a quotation can generally be provided by Support Warehouse for HPE equipment within 48 hours of request.

Once a Services Contract is in place with HPE, it is possible for you to remove equipment from cover (on 90 days’ notice) or add new equipment (on 30 days’ notice) with the respective decrease or increase reflected in the cost. Services Contracts can also be cancelled entirely, subject to minimum periods of cover and notice periods.

HPE Services Contracts are available for almost any duration and an extended range of services levels. It is also possible for you to cover hardware from other vendors such as Dell, EMC, NetApp, Cisco etc. under the same HPE Services Contract, providing you with a single point of escalation for your entire IT infrastructure.
Feature Packaged Service Services Contract
Certified Firmware updates
Access to HPE Support Center
Proactive Monitoring & Automation Software
Foundation Care
Proactive Care
Datacenter Care
Published List Price
Rapid purchase & activation
Fixed deliverables
Must be purchased within 30 days of expiry of previous cover
Best for up to 10 items of HPE hardware
Best for over 10 items of HPE hardware
Multi-vendor support available
One agreement can cover entire infrastructure
Single renewal date for entire IT estate
Equipment can be removed from support during the term of the agreement
Equipment can be added to support during the term of the agreement
Can be cancelled (subject to notice period)
Range of payment profiles available (depending on country)
Flexible support periods (with multi-year discounts)
HPE Services Contracts are generally considered as operational expenditure and customers can choose from a range of payment profiles - quarterly, annually, pre-pay (pre-payment and multi-year discounts apply).

Many Support Warehouse customers appreciate the flexibility that HPE Services Contracts offer and we can assist you to consolidate and co-terminate equipment onto the agreement to provide one renewal date for the technical support on your entire HPE or multi-vendor estate.

Accelerate your business with HPE Technology Services
Jonathan Madge, Technology Services Portfolio Manager, HPE

To find out more about HPE Packaged Services and Services Contracts and to discuss which would be most suitable for your enterprise, contact your Support Warehouse Account Manager.


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