HPE Nimble Storage Support Services

HPE Nimble Storage provides support that helps Customers meet today’s IT demands and evolve for tomorrow.

HPE’s data storage support services are available for each Nimble Storage product providing hardware and software support that allows you to get the most out of your investment.

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There are four distinct service levels for HPE Nimble Storage support:

4-Hour On-site Parts Replacement

HPE will replace parts within support service level.

4-Hour Parts Exchange

HPE will ship advanced hardware replacement parts in advance of receiving defective parts.

Next Business Day Parts Exchange

HPE will ship advanced hardware replacement parts by the next business day in advance of receiving defective parts.

Next Business Day with On-site Parts Replacement

With additional optional service features - see below.

All service levels include:

HPE Nimble Storage Technical Support:
24×7 telephone and email assistance and 24×7 engineering escalation support.

Technical phone and email support is according to defined severity/priority levels:

P1: Not serving data or severe performance degradation:
Telephone response in 30 minutes or less with immediate escalation to an HPE Nimble Storage technical engineer, if required.
P2: Performance degradation, intermittent software faults, network degradation, or single controller not operational:
Telephone response in 2 business hours or less.
P3: Issue or defect causing minimal business impact:
Telephone response in 8 business hours or less.
P4: Request for information; administrative requests:
Next business day (Monday through Friday).

Online Support Portal Access:
Access to installation guide, user guide, and other relevant documentation.

Access to Software Updates:
Provide access to software updates when generally released by HPE to Customers under support.

network optical fiber cables and hub

Next Business Day with On-site Parts Replacement also includes:

On-site Spares Option:
For eligible products, the Customer can purchase individual hardware component parts or entire hardware component kits for on-site stocking of spares for quick replacement. It is ideal for locations where a 4-hour parts replacement is desired but not available due to the Customer’s distance from a parts hub.

Defective Media Retention (DMR):
For eligible products, the DMR service feature option allows the Customer to retain defective hard disk or eligible SSD/flash drive components that the Customer does not want to relinquish due to sensitive data contained within the disk (disk or SSD/flash drive) covered under this service. All disk or eligible SSD/flash drives on a covered system must participate in the DMR.

Find out more

To find out more about Nimble Storage Support, call your Support Warehouse Account Manager. They will be able to discuss the suitability of the service for your enterprise and to begin the process of providing a quotation.


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We are an HPE partner, and the official HPE Renewal Reminder Service for HPE Technical Services in the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Poland and South Africa.

Support Warehouse is the official HPE Renewal Reminder Service to remind customers when their support is expiring. When HPE’s systems indicate that support has not been renewed on a specific item of hardware, Support Warehouse send a renewal reminder by email. A Support Warehouse Account Manager will also attempt to call you to discuss the applicable support renewal options or to update the details relating to the item of hardware on HPE’s systems.

HPE have appointed Support Warehouse, a global HPE Partner, to carry out their renewal reminder service.

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