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Customers with HPE Standard Warranty, Packaged Services or Services Contract support are able to access the HPE Support Centre.

This gives access to HPE’s knowledge database and allows customers to view advisories and bulletins, access/download firmware and software updates as well as place/track support calls through to completion.

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Why Link a HPE Support Agreement ?

Link a support agreement to access feature services such as:

  • Access Proactive Care Reports
  • Support Case Manager
  • Specific agreements for Service Credits
  • Software updates and licenses
  • Patch management
  • Diagnostic passwords
  • Certain technical documents

How to Link a HPE Support Agreement

The unique 12 digit numeric Service Agreement ID (SAID) or 10 digit numeric Contract ID (CID) is provided at the time of contract signing or renewal by your HPE contract administrator or third-party vendor. The SAID/CID is also in the customer cover letter that describes your support agreement.

To link a support agreement:

  1. Enter the SAID/CID
  2. You will be required to also enter a Support Account Reference (SAR). It is possible to have multiple Support Account Reference (SAR) numbers on a single contract. It is only necessary to include 1 SAR when linking that contract.
  3. The SAR can be found on the ‘Item Detail’ page on the actual contract copy. (If you need a new contract copy, you can request a copy of your Service Contract Welcome Letter)
  4. Select the ownership type (single or multiple).
  5. Submit.


Support Warehouse & Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We are an HPE partner, and the official HPE Renewal Reminder Service for HPE Technical Services in the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Poland and South Africa.

Support Warehouse is the official HPE Renewal Reminder Service to remind customers when their support is expiring. When HPE’s systems indicate that support has not been renewed on a specific item of hardware, Support Warehouse send a renewal reminder by email. A Support Warehouse Account Manager will also attempt to call you to discuss the applicable support renewal options or to update the details relating to the item of hardware on HPE’s systems.

HPE have appointed Support Warehouse, a global HPE Partner, to carry out their renewal reminder service.

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