How to access updates with Veeam

Be prepared to provide:
Your name, company, and phone no. with extension. Case number (if applicable). Product name, release level, and any maintenance applied to the product.

Veeam is constantly improving its technology and driving new features into products.

Active maintenance gives you free access to all the newest features for your product edition, without paying extra for the new major version.

Active maintenance also ensures that you can plan upgrades to the most current version for the hypervisor of your choice, and that Veeam will provide timely support for it. 

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Veeam Logo
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How to manage your Veeam licenses

The License Management Portal is an online tool that allows all customers with active support to:

  • Download available production keys and new versions
  • Merge new licenses with existing ones
  • Request a quote for an edition upgrade
  • Change the license administrator or swap the hypervisor by opening a licensing support case

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