How to log a support case with Dell

Contacting customer support

When you are faced with an issue or a question, you can always contact Dell Technical Support by phone, but we recommend that you first follow the steps below to ensure a quick and efficient resolution.

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Recommended preparation

  1. Locate your Service Tag or Express Service Code and write it down. We will request it to identify the machine you are calling about and its warranty entitlement.
  2. Perform basic diagnostic steps on the issue you are having, like gathering the system logs or updating the machine, as we will ask you to do this when you call us. 
    Note: Be prepared to give as many details as possible about the error.
  3. Create a log of the diagnostic, if possible.
  4. Research your issue on the Dell Community Forum as other users might have faced a similar issue or question, and already have the solution or answer.
  5. Finally, enter your service tag on our Contact Dell page to find the appropriate phone number.

To find the matching phone number:

  1. Go to the Dell Contact Page
  2. Scroll down
  3. Choose the country you need
  4. Click below the flag and the country name on a provided language (e.g. English)
  5. Enter the Service Tag of your system to see the relevant phone numbers or choose “View All Phone Numbers” to see all available service phone numbers in the specific County
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