Foundation Care aims to reduce the complexity of your IT support whilst allowing you to tailor the service level to each specific piece of hardware depending on how critical it is to your operation.

Servers that are critical to your environment can be covered by Call to Repair whilst less critical devices can be supported with the lower cost Next Business Day.

Foundation Care provides reactive support for both hardware and software issues. There are three levels of hardware response available for x86 and storage products:

6 hour Call-to-Repair

6 hour Call-to-Repair

This is HPE’s highest level of reactive support, with a commitment to have hardware operational again within 6 hours of the fault being reported and with a 2 hour call-back for software issues. Support is delivered 24×7, including HPE holidays.

4 hour response 24x7

4 hour response 24x7

This service provides a 4-hour onsite response time for hardware issues with a 2 hour call-back for software issues. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, an HPE technical support engineer will arrive on site within 4 hours of the fault being reported. Once on site, the engineers will work through to fix but there is no commitment to a time by which the equipment will be returned to an operational condition. Support is delivered 24×7, including HPE holidays.

Next Business Day (NBD)

Next Business Day (NBD)

This service level offers an economical solution for HPE support, providing next business day support for hardware problems and a 2 hour call back for software issues. Coverage is Monday- Friday 8am-5pm excluding HPE holidays.

x86 platforms

For x86 platforms, HPE include Collaborative Support. With this service HPE technical support troubleshoots and resolves any known level 1 issues with ISV software from Linux, VMWare & Microsoft. If HPE personnel are not able to resolve the issue a call is placed on the customer’s behalf with the respective ISV to progress to resolution. This simplifies the support experience and ensures that there are no grey areas between hardware and software problems

Software Support

  • Access to technical resources
  • Software features and operational support
  • Software documentation updates
  • Where applicable, access to licences and updates

HPE Software Support Services

Hardware Support

  • Remote problem diagnosis and support
  • Onsite hardware support
  • Access to firmware updates
  • Replacement parts and materials
  • Collaborative software call management for x86 servers

HPE Hardware Support Onsite Service

Key Optional Features

  • Defective Media Retention
  • Comprehensive Defective Material Retention

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For HPE Networking products, the following service levels are available:

4 Hour Exchange

4 Hour Exchange

Customers will receive a delivery of replacement hardware within 4 hours of a call being logged, 24×7 including HPE holidays.

Next Business Day Exchange

Next Business Day Exchange

Replacement HPE Networking hardware will be delivered to the customer site the next business day after logging a call.


HPE Proactive Care

An extension to Foundation Care with additional proactive deliverables

HPE Proactive Care Advanced

An extension to Proactive Care with enhanced reactive support