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Proactive Care is for critical environments where downtime cannot be tolerated.

Many customers need more than the reactive support service provided by Foundation Care. To prevent downtime, you will require a service that pre-empts problems – Proactive Care helps to spot issues before they develop.

Proactive Care is built on Foundation Care but has additional proactive deliverables including:

Preventative Support Delivers Real Value


Reduction in downtime

2.1 months

Average payback period

140 hours

Time saved per year with health monitoring and proactive health checks

To discuss which would be the most suitable service level for your enterprise, contact your Support Warehouse Account Manager. They will review the support you currently have in place, consider the criticality of each component of your infrastructure and recommend the HPE Technical Service that best meets your needs.

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HPE Proactive Care Advanced

An extension to Proactive Care with enhanced reactive support

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HPE Proactive Care - Getting Started

A quick introduction to getting started with HPE Proactive Care

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HPE Foundation Care

Reactive support for both hardware and software issues

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