Here are the questions we most frequently get asked by our customers. If you have any further questions, please call our Sales Advisors on 1-866-607-0019 (Toll Free) who will be glad to assist you.

Support Warehouse & HPE
How did you get my details? Why are you calling me?

Support Warehouse is the official HPE Renewal Reminder Service to remind customers when their support is expiring. When HPE’s systems indicate that support has not been renewed on a specific item of hardware, Support Warehouse send a renewal reminder by email. A Support Warehouse Account Manager will also attempt to call you to discuss the applicable support renewal options or to update the details relating to the item of hardware on HPE’s systems.

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What is your relationship with HPE?

We are an HPE partner, and the official HPE Renewal Reminder Service for HPE Technical Services in the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria and South Africa.

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Why aren't HPE calling me?

HPE have appointed Support Warehouse, a global HPE Partner, to carry out their renewal reminder service.

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What makes Support Warehouse different from other vendors?

Support Warehouse specialise in support (it's all we sell) so we have unique and expert knowledge and experience. We register the support with HPE on your behalf, and we remind you next time it is about to expire. We manage your support renewals for you, saving you time.

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Hardware support
Did I buy the hardware from you?

No, Support Warehouse are experts in support, and do not sell hardware. HPE provide us with the details of customers with expiring support, and we contact them around the expiry date if the support has not already been renewed.

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If I add additional HPE hard drives to my kit, will it be supported by warranty?

As long as they are genuine HPE parts they will be supported.

If my hardware is irreparable, will it be replaced?

Yes, HPE support includes replacement parts, or an entire machine, if hardware is irreparable (the time to fix/replace will depend on your service level).

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What is the EOSL (End Of Service Life) date for my hardware?

HPE usually support hardware for around five years after the last date of manufacture. This means that it's usually possible to support your HPE hardware for at least 8 years. A base warranty will run for at least three years. It is possible to uplift this to a better service level, and purchase post warranty support after this period. Contact your Support Warehouse Account Manager for specific details.

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Can you support all of my hardware, even if it’s not HPE?

We offer the technical support services of other vendors for both hardware and software (however this will depend on the vendor, and the support available in your country).

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How soon can I renew the support?

HPE allow customers to renew their support up to 90 days before expiry. HPE review their prices and availability monthly, so if a product reaches its end of service life (EOSL) they will stop supporting it. In order to ensure that they can deliver support, they won't renew it more than 90 days before the expiry date.

I already have base warranty; why do I need extra support?

Base warranty is minimum protection which is only available Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00 and includes no software support. Customers with packaged support or contract support will be given priority when logging calls with HPE. It is possible to uplift your base warranty to a better service level.

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Can I buy support for my hardware if it is currently unsupported?

Yes, if the hardware has been unsupported for less than 30 days. If it has been unsupported for more than 30 days, you may need to purchase a services contract rather than packaged support, and you may be subject to RTS (Return To Support) fees.

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Can I renew my support with Support Warehouse even though I bought the hardware from another vendor?

Yes - you can renew your support with Support Warehouse, or any HPE approved partner.

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How many years can I support my hardware for?

Support for HPE hardware is usually available for approximately five years after the last date of manufacture (usually about eight years in total).

If I renew my support for another 12 months, will I be able to do the same next year?

This depends on HPE. They review their prices and availability each month, and hardware does eventually reach the end of service life (EOSL), usually after about seven or eight years of service. In some cases where packaged services are no longer available, it is still possible to purchase a services contract.

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If I renew my support before it expires, will it overlap, meaning I lose time?

No, your new support will begin as soon as your current support expires. So if your current support expires on 31st March, your new support will begin on 1st April.

Support registration / log a call with HPE
How do I link contracts to my HPE Passport account?

You can link contracts to your HPE Passport Profile using the HPE Support Center. You may need your HPE Passport ID, Service Agreement ID and the Support Account Reference.

How quickly will my support be registered?

We register your support for you, and in the majority of cases this is done within 5 days of placing the order. Following registration, you will receive a link to your support certificate from

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Do I need to pay before my support can be registered?

We are able to offer credit terms to the majority of our customers with the payment terms usually 30 days from date of invoice.

Who do I call when I need to log a support call?

You need to call HPE Support. Please click here for more information.

How do I find my serial number?

The product serial number and product number are located on your hardware, usually on a label (this is found on the rear of a server; with storage, the product number will be on the front of the hardware, and the serial number on the back or top).

Why are there two prices per serial number on my support agreement quote?

Support agreement quotes list separate prices for the hardware and software elements of your support. Ask your Account Manager to talk you through your quote if you are unsure of anything.

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IRS / Proactive Care
How do I download IRS?

Please see our Guide to IRS. Click here for more information

How do I set up Proactive Care?

Please see our Guide to Proactive Care. Click here for more information

To which address should I post my cheque?

Please send cheques and other written correspondence to our local address.

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Can you send me the invoice via EAN?