Our 3 step formula to reduce
IT asset maintenance costs

We are here to keep your IT assets and data center running without glitches.

With our systematic and proactive approach, we’re committed to saving you warranty costs while keeping your performance parameters in check.

Optimise costs with the right asset coverage

Often service levels for IT assets can be under or over-provisioned. So either you have paid way too much for service levels you don’t need or you haven’t invested in the required service levels. The latter might result in unplanned downtime that can prove to be expensive to the business.

We support you end-to-end on procuring the right service for your specific OEM equipment needs, thus ensuring your data center is always protected against potential failure and saving you funds.

Safeguard your IT Assets by mitigating asset failure as it happens

Imagine one of your servers is down and your service levels are defined for next-day support. Waiting a day to fix the server can lead to loss of business, especially if it is a critical server.

Our team of experts works with you to customize your service levels, so support is available as soon as you need it.

Consolidated Multi OEM coverage

Managing several OEM vendors and ensuring all assets are adequately covered by the different OEM’s with the relevant service levels requires significant coordination work. We are well equipped to curate the right asset service level coverage and take care of all the tedious backend work.

Plus, we don’t require to visit or inspect your facility to get started. We are licensed to get asset information directly from OEM’s. This ensures you get the right quality of service at optimized costs to protect your IT infrastructure and manage service agreements with vendors.

Our clients have found huge savings with the approach of optimizing coverage by identifying coverage gaps and have also been able to focus on other critical IT priorities, a win-win situation!

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Why no coverage cost savings

The price you pay for ‘no coverage’ can be steep!

Having IT asset maintenance service coverage acts like insurance. Especially in times of asset failure, advanced planning leads to business continuity for your IT operations. While not having coverage might be the easier option short term, it is surely not the less expensive one.

Investing upfront saves you valuable time and extra costs you might incur by availing of expensive last-minute support options. If your assets are not covered under service contracts, the OEM will likely charge you for the service, travel of the engineer and material cost. This can amount to a significant sum.

In the event of server failure, having access to support within a defined time window based on your needs is much more cost-effective vs. having to incur last-minute spot expenses. Your IT operations are more predictable and you can budget for potential downtime keeping in mind the service levels you sign up for. This ensures business continuity, as well as time and cost efficient management of your data center infrastructure.

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It’s easy to get started

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Getting started was never easier!

Working with us helps you get set up with the right coverage at the right price in a few easy steps. Our team of experts has helped clients across the world reduce costs and ease their workload by helping streamline their IT infrastructure.

All we need from your end is an inventory list of your hardware equipment or software licenses.

We’ll take care of all your service contracts – existing and new. You can sit back and concentrate on your key initiatives while leaving all the admin work and contract management to us.

Save Warranty Costs And Keep Your IT Assets Covered

Get that inventory list of your hardware equipment or software licenses ready and talk to us!
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