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IBM hardware and software support provides customized IT maintenance options during warranty and post warranty for power and storage systems to keep your mission-critical systems running smoothly.

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IBM Hardware Maintenance Services

Minimise unplanned downtime and speed time to repair with three types of upgrades:


 Contact time (24x7 with one hour response time)

The measure of time between your service request and when an IBM representative contacts you as a first step of problem determination or resolution.


Onsite response time (24x7 with one hour response time)

The measure of time between your service request and the arrival of the IBM service representative at the specified location.


Fix time (24x7 with 4-72* hours response time)

The time between your service request and the time it takes to repair the machine to its technical specifications is 4/6/8/12/ 24/48/72 hours.

IBM Software maintenance services

Foster interoperability through comprehensive software maintenance

IBM Software Maintenance services ensure interoperability and hardware-software compatibility, offering subscription-based updates and support for Power Systems, IBM Storage system software, and related IBM products. This service includes access to IBM Entitled Systems Support and IBM Fix Central, covering software licenses, upgrades, and remote technical support. Subscribers receive product upgrades, fixes, and new code defect support directly from IBM labs. Additionally, IBM offers round-the-clock remote support and guidance for critical issues.

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IBM End-of-Service Support

Obtain continuous support for your current IBM hardware or software that has reached its effective end-of-service date. Reduce risk and protect your technology investment with support extensions

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To learn more about IBM Support Services contact your Support Warehouse Account Manager or submit a request for a call. They will discuss the service's suitability for your enterprise and initiate the quotation process.