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We are here to keep the servers in your data center running without glitches. Learn why our systematic approach saves you on warranty costs while keeping your performance in check.

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Optimize cost with the right asset coverage

Service levels for IT assets can be tricky—you might be paying too much for what you don't need or risking downtime by not investing enough. We help you get the right service for your equipment, ensuring your data center stays secure and saving you money.

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Safeguard your IT Assets by mitigating server failure as it happens

Picture this: your server goes down, and your next-day support won't cut it. Waiting a day can mean losing business, especially for a critical server. Our experts customize your service levels to ensure support is there when you need it.

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Consolidated Multi-OEM coverage

Managing various server brands (OEMs) and ensuring all assets have the correct service levels can be a  hassle. We've got it covered – we handle all the behind-the-scenes work to curate the best service-level coverage for your assets. Plus, there is no need for on-site visits – we're licensed to gather asset info directly from your OEMs.

This means you get top-notch service without the extra hassle and at optimized costs. Our clients love the savings and the chance to focus on other crucial IT tasks – it's a win-win!

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No coverage does not equal cost savings

Not having good IT coverage can cost you a lot. It's like insurance for your business - it keeps things running even if something breaks. While skipping coverage might seem more manageable in the short term, planning ensures your IT operations keep running smoothly during asset failures.

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Plan for rainy days

We make it easy to get the perfect coverage at the right price. Just share a list of your hardware or software, and our experts will handle all your service contracts – old and new.

Investing upfront saves you time and money compared to costly last-minute support. Without coverage, the OEM could charge you for service, engineer travel, and materials, adding up to a hefty sum.

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