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How we simplify the management of your contracts

Discover our streamlined approach to managing maintenance contracts for a simplified and efficient experience.


Uninterrupted operation of your IT infrastructure

  • We guarantee uninterrupted operation of your critical IT assets
  • Get consistent customer service from your dedicated single-point of contact via phone or email
  • We assist you every step of the way so that you get the right warranty quotes for your servers at the right time


Centralised management of contracts

  • Alignment of contract service-level agreement coverages, duration and timing among multiple IT assets, brands, and contracts
  • Management of added and removed assets (drop-in and drop-out of service)
  • Administration of contract cancellation policies
  • Harmonization and co-terming multiple agreements to a particular date


Never miss a warranty renewal

  • Pre-expiry and expiry notifications
  • Service quoting in detail so you know what you pay for
  • Assuring all needed assets are included


Consistent customer service

  • Our goal is to offer the best support experience, saving our clients time, money and resources
  • Rest assured we don’t sell hardware so our entire focus its to make your renewal process pro-active

Simplify Maintenance Contracts

Contract maintenance shouldn’t be complex

Navigating what type of maintenance to purchase and when can be very time-consuming. Additionally, when you have more than one brand of servers, it can become an endless wait around customer service lines just to learn that your problem cannot be addressed. Say goodbye to all of that with Support Warehouse.

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