Take the struggle out of
your asset maintenance

A day in the life of an IT manager is no walk in the park!

Dealing with multiple priorities – be it monitoring IT uptime, application go-lives or other strategic initiatives, the to-do list is never ending.

The additional responsibility and administrative effort of having to manage warranty contracts of multiple vendors isn’t something you should have to worry about.

A comprehensive OEM IT asset maintenance offering with support warehouse:

Service Renewal

Our main goal is to ensure your IT assets are covered in a timely manner, thus avoiding unnecessary hassle or unexpected downtime. As a trusted partner, our renewal quotes are all encompassing and easy ensuring you get the appropriate OEM support as required.

Asset Tracking

Be in the driver’s seat by getting access to continuous monitoring with our inventory management service. Report inventory updates assuring transparent, complete and accurate IT asset tracking.

Service Reminders

Our Pre-Expiry & Expiry notice reminders make it easy to track the expiry of all your warranty contracts and instantly renew them within just a few clicks.

Service Registration

Our electronic registration service provides you with visibility & control over your IT assets. It assures all purchased service agreements are successfully activated with the vendor and the supported assets.

End Of Service Life

Get proactive notifications about hardware equipment approaching End of Service life thus averting last minute replacement hassles. If an asset is required to be maintained beyond the stipulated End of Service Life by the OEM, we offer alternative service options.

Brands we support

Protect your IT infrastructure while letting us manage the complexity

Why take on all that extra workload, when you can leave it to the experts?

  • With years of experience handling IT contract management, we provide you with full visibility of your assets & the ability to track them as you need to.
  • So you’re in charge and make all the decisions while we work in the back end to consolidate all your contracts.
  • Armed with tools to navigate the entire asset lifecycle, you minimize administrative workload & gain back time to focus on your core job functions.
Expert data center IT technician upgrading hardware equipment

Mitigate risk by investing in the right asset coverage today!

Server engineer with laptop working on data security issues

The complexities of navigating data center administration & keeping performance in check make it imperative to procure the right IT asset coverage.

  • While doing it on your own is an option, working with experts helps significantly minimize your workload while gaining visibility and transparency over all your IT assets.
  • You can rest assured that your IT assets have the ideal coverage, put your time into your core initiatives and still have full control over all warranty contracts (and in one single place, too).
  • By choosing to get the right coverage, you set yourself up for success and ensure your IT equipment is safeguarded from potential failures.
  • Save yourself the unwanted stress & inconvenience by getting covered today!

Your IT Infrastructure: Protected

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