Protect your IT infrastructure!

With so many strategic priorities to deal with,
IT asset coverage easily takes a back seat.

As IT Managers have their hands full on strategic initiatives, the warranty management often gets assigned to less experienced team members, who might not always have the in-depth knowledge of protecting each asset with the right coverage.

That can become critical at times of asset failure or oversight with renewal timelines. The last thing you want is realising a key equipment has failed, warranty is expired and you are not covered with any OEM services. You’ll end up having to deal with long response time and high trade and material bills.

With nearly two decades of expertise in facilitating asset coverage for our clients, we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders while guaranteeing seamless coverage of your assets.

Our sole focus is protecting your IT infrastructure. We ensure timely and reliable asset management while providing you with full transparency and control over your IT assets.

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Guaranteed asset coverage by experts you can rely on

Keeping your IT assets and data centers running at peak performance always requires appropriate asset coverage.

As an approved OEM partner, our key focus is to ensure the best coverage for your IT assets. We are a trusted brand with over 10,000+ clients globally.

Our clients get access to reliable support with timely part replacements and end-of-service life options in the event you need to continue service support.

In a nutshell, we guarantee that your IT infrastructure always remains well protected.

Worry-free, reliable IT asset coverage

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With Support Warehouse, your data center infrastructure is in expert care!

We’re committed to equipping you with the right asset protection so you can deal with unexpected breakdowns or failures with minimal downtime.

Our process is simple. All we require is your asset list and we’ll take care of protecting each item with the best coverage.

You have complete visibility on your asset coverage with built-in renewal reminders at the right time. With ample support options available as you require them, we’ve got your back.

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