Your full-service solution for all
your warranty maintenance contracts

Keeping up with all the maintenance contracts
and warranties about to expire can be quite a struggle

We can eliminate this complexity by giving you the overview of all your maintenance contracts — making your job easier. Consider this: we don’t sell hardware. We focus solely on warranty and proactive renewal and reminder services. This means that outstanding service is in the center of our attention.

You can always rely on us and be supported by our prompt and effective customer service. Ultimately, this translates to less admin work for you, better control over the IT assets and certainty that your IT assets are always covered.

Contract maintenance shouldn’t be this complex

Navigating purchase and administration of multiple OEM maintenance contracts in a complex environment can be daunting and time consuming.

It’s no fun browsing relentlessly for OEM maintenance support information. Nor is waiting endlessly on the customer service line just to learn your problem cannot be addressed. Being constantly transferred to other departments almost feels like a never ending chase with no evident solution in sight.

It’s rare to find a single solution or provider to address your IT asset maintenance needs, thus forcing you into a multi-vendor environment. Having to coordinate complex contracts with multiple providers makes matters all the more complicated.

Stressed business executive and piles of paperwork

A smarter way to run your maintenance contracts

Instead of going through all the administrative hassle, you can work with Support Warehouse as a one-stop solution to protecting your data center IT infrastructure.

As the focal contact point for all your IT service and support agreements, we guarantee uninterrupted operation of your critical IT infrastructure. You can lean on us to take care of each and every aspect of your asset maintenance contracts such as:

Centralized management of contracts

Summarized billing and invoicing

1-click access to all support contract agreements

Reconciled reporting

Centralized management of contracts

Summarized billing and invoicing

Online one-click access

to all your support contract agreements

Reconciled reporting

Working with us saves you time, dollars and resources that you can deploy for other strategic initiatives. Let us help you take care of the admin work while you focus on being a true partner to your business.

Brands we support

Streamline your IT support services contracts!

Our team of experts facilitates the entire process for you - service requirements gathering, contract harmonizations, service quoting, procurements & administration.

We work in line with your individual needs to craft the best-suited solution for your IT environment to thrive.
We include all services in our offerings, irrespective of the number of OEM’s and cover multiple locations, languages and countries.

Management of Contracts

  • Alignment of contract SLA coverages, duration and timing among multiple IT assets, and contracts
  • Management of added and removed assets (drop-in & drop out of service)
  • Administration of contract cancellation policies
  • Harmonization and co-terming multiple agreements to a particular date

Consistent Customer Service

  • Our foremost goal is to offer our customers the best support experience.
  • We provide a range of self-serving tools as well as consistent support via phone and chat on our website, so customers can choose their most convenient way of staying in touch with us.
  • With our 24*7 round-the-clock support model, we’re available to support you as the need arises.
  • We’re committed to serving you every step of the way.

Pro-Active Renewal Service

  • Pre-Expiry Notice and Expiry Notice
  • Service quoting, so you know what you pay for
  • Assuring all needed assets are included

IT Asset Portal

  • Every essential bit of contract information at a single glance.
  • With full visibility of all your assets, contracts and SLAs.
  • Complete inventory and coverage information.
  • Easily add new assets any time in a simple way.
  • Easy overview of upcoming renewals.

Easy Payment Options

  • One transparent invoice that makes it easy to compare and understand pricing

Eliminate complexity, adopt a smarter approach to
IT asset maintenance!

We are well equipped to serve you regardless of your size or specific requirements.

We’re experts at providing the best-in-class support for heterogeneous IT environments. Whether you have multiple OEM’s, locations, procurement centers or are spread across multiple countries, we have you covered! We’re here to take the stress out of your job.

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