How To Log a Support Case with HPE

A step-by-step guide to understand the process of logging a call with Hewlett Packard enterprise technical support created by the renewals experts at Support Warehouse


A step-by-step guide to understand the process of logging a call with Hewlett Packard enterprise technical support


1. Check your agreement

Check whether your hardware is supported with an HPE support agreement (packaged services or services contract) by clicking here

Enter the product serial number (found on the support certificate, or the hardware itself – see below*)

  • Select Country of purchase
  • Submit
  • If requested, enter product number and submit

* The product serial number and product number are located on your hardware, usually on a label (this is found on the rear of a server; with storage, the product number will be on the front of the hardware, and the serial number on the back or top). Ensure you have these details to hand, and that the hardware is within easy access, as the Technical Support Consultant will go through remote diagnostics and initial troubleshooting to ascertain the problem with your hardware. In some instances it may be necessary for the Technical Support Consultant to call you back, so ensure that you have an inbound telephone number available. Serial numbers are alpha numeric and are either 10 or 12 digits long Product numbers are usually in one of the following formats e.g. Q1234A or 23456-B21.

2. Identify your location

3. Make the call

  • Calls are voice activated, so you will be prompted through a series of menus.
  • Shortcut or product category will be server, storage, networking, software, HPE solutions or installations (if the call is about something else, say more products).
  • You may be asked for the operating system (e.g.Windows, Vmware) and the type (e.g. Blade).
  • Always use the full product name rather than an acronym (e.g. Use system insight manager rather than sim).


If you’re having trouble using the system, you can press zero on your telephone keypad – or say “customer service” – at any menu. Your call will be routed to a customer service agent who will then transfer your call to the correct technical support team.


4. Explain what you need

A trained technical support consultant will answer your call. Explain that you need to log a technical fault call with your HPE hardware. You will be asked for your serial number.

5. Confirm your details

The technical support consultant will check whether you have support and confirm your contact details, including address, telephone number and email address.


6. Go through the questions

You will be asked a series of diagnostic questions and be asked to perform various tasks on your HPE hardware.


7. Advice

The technical support consultant will advise the best course of action.


8. Save your reference number

Ensure that you record the call reference number as you will need this until your case is resolved by the technical support team.


9. Wait for resolution

Once your call has been logged, an HPE hardware specialist will process the call to resolution.


When the case has been submitted, the first available support agent will respond (depending on the service level in place for the hardware). Calls logged with HPE will be dealt with in the following order:

Priority 1 - Service Level: 6 hour call to repair

Priority 3 - Service Level: Next Business Day

Priority 4 - Service Level: Basic Warranty

*Customers with Proactive Care benefit from automatic call logging and enhanced call handling (a dedicated Technical Solution Specialist who manages the call from receipt to closure), so may get faster problem resolution than those with Foundation Care.


We know that contract management can be a complex and time-consuming process.

United States

Warranty and Out of Warranty

1-844-806-3425 (24x7)


1-800-633-3600 (24x7)


Warranty and Out of Warranty

0845 161 0030 (M-F, 8:00-17:00)


0845 161 0050 (24x7)


Garanti och utan garanti

0200 88 47 02


0200 88 47 02 (M–F 9:00–17:00)



Warranty and Out of Warranty

+48 22 306 04 84


Warranty and Out of Warranty

800 62 800 (M–F 8:00–17:00)


800 56 044 (24x7)


Warranty and Out of Warranty

1890 946 500 (M–F 8:00–18:00*)+353 1 4118912 (M–F 8:00–18:00*)

(Except Bank Holidays)


1850 924 590 (24x7)+353 1 4118915 (24x7)


Garantie en buiten de garantie

0900 117 0000 (M–F 8:00–17:00)


0900 115 0000 (24x7)

+31 205 040 666 (24x7)


Produits garantis et hors garantie

0826 10 49 49 (L-V, 8:30-18:00*)+33 173018475 (L-V, 8:30-18:00*)

à l’exception des jours fériés et jours de fermeture d’HPE


0825 00 41 23 (24x7)+33 173018471


Garanti og udløbet garanti

+45 70 11 77 00 (M-F, 8:00-17:00)


+45 70 10 80 25 (24x7)


Warranty and Out of Warranty

1-844-806-3425 (24x7 for most products)


1-800-633-3600 (24x7)


Produits garantis et hors garantie

078 600 600 (L-V, 8:00-17:00)

+32 26 200 099 (L-V, 8:00-17:00)


078 250 144 (24x7)

+32 26 200 055 (24x7)


Produkte innerhalb und außerhalb Herstellergarantie

08 1000 2000 (M-F, 8:00-17:00)

Service Contracts

08 1000 2000 (24x7)

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We know that contract management can be a complex and time-consuming process.

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