How to Log a Support Case with Lenovo

A step-by-step guide to understand the process of logging a call with Hewlett Packard enterprise technical support created by the renewals experts at Support Warehouse


Lenovo base support

Contact Lenovo to find parts, get drivers and software, share solutions and access warranties.

Before contacting support

To help support technicians more quickly determine and resolve your problem, make sure to have the following information available:

Machine type, model, and serial numberBIOS, firmware, and microcode versions (if appropriate) Other pertinent information such as error messages and/or logs that you have received. For software support, gather the customer number, software support entitlement number and/or Passport Advantage (PPA) entitlement numberA definition of the problem – being able to describe the problem and symptoms before contacting support helps to expedite the problem-solving process. Helpful background information might include answers to the following questions:

Has the problem happened before? What steps led up to the failure? Can the problem be recreated? The problem’s business impact On-site personnel available to work with Lenovo support technicians

After you have gathered the appropriate information, you will be ready to place a call.

Dial Your Local Support Number* and follow the guidelines set out below to select the appropriate option.



Use this option for hardware issues. Resolving these types of calls might involve updating or replacing microcode/device drivers to assist problem determination.

IMPORTANT: Record your case number, and then verify it with the support staff, who can dispatch the hardware Customer Service Representative if necessary. You might be asked to provide log information.


Use this option for fee-based software support, including questions on installing, using, and configuring both the software and the hardware.

After selecting your option, your call will be transferred to an entitlement agent.To verify your entitlement to the service, you will be asked for entitlement information, such as your system serial number or your customer number.After confirmation, you will be asked a few questions to help document the problem you are experiencing. You will then be transferred directly to a technical specialist.

Collecting and sending in logs for the problem determination processCollect a DSA log. If the situation involves a chassis or flex, it would also be a good idea to collect the service data.After recording your seven-character case number, you can submit logs for analysis.Logs can be submitted using the Lenovo Upload tool.Once you have submitted logs, Level 1 support will continue to work on your case and will contact you according to your subscribed SLAs.

Make this a button Access the Lenovo Upload tool.-

IMPORTANT: Lenovo is not responsible for lost data or software and is not required to advise or remind you of appropriate backup, security, or other procedures. Before repairs are made to your ThinkServer, System x or Storage device, it is your responsibility to:

Back up all data and software on the systemRemove any removable mediaReload data and software

Lenovo Premier Support (LPS)

Step 1: Gather your service information

Your LPS engineer wants to help you as quickly as possible. Before you contact us, please have the following information available:

Machine type, model (MTM) and serial numberRecord any error messages you see on the screen, particularly error codes.We will need system logs. We will likely request a variety of logs including OS, network, server, RAID, or Lenovo tool logs. Our technology partners and Lenovo engineering teams need logs to fully understand your unique configuration and error condition. Logs can also be submitted using the Lenovo Upload tool.

Access the Lenovo Upload Tool button


An overview of the problem is also needed:

Is the server offline?Is this a new installation or a production server?Is this the first time you have seen this error?Have any hardware/software updates been recently applied?Can the problem be recreated?

Step 2: Contact us by Phone, Chat, or E-Ticket

With Premier Support, you can contact us by phone, by text chat, or by opening an e-ticket. When your ticket is open, your Lenovo Premier Support Engineer will serve as your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) until your technical issue is corrected. This means that all Premier support requests – even those for VMware, Nutanix, or Microsoft AzureStack – should start with us. The LPS team is here to provide you with end-to-end case management, even if they need to engage other support teams or third-party support centers on your behalf.


You can find the Premier Support telephone number for your country/region by selecting the Support Phone List option on the support page.

  1. Enter the device serial number in the Search Support team box.
  2. Select the Contact Us link.
  3. Click Support Phone List.


To start a chat session with a Premier Support engineer, follow the procedure set out below.

  1. Go to the support page and enter the device serial number in the Search Support team box.
  2. Select the Contact Us link.
  3. Select Chat with a Support Agent
  4. Enter the requested information, and then click Submit to be connected to the next available support agent.

Open an E-Ticket

  1. Go to the support page and enter the device serial number in the Search Support team box.
  2. Select the Contact Us link.
  3. Select the Submit a Service Request icon.

Step 3: Working with your Premier Support Engineer

After your Lenovo service ticket has been opened, your Lenovo Premier Support (LPS) engineer will serve as your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for the duration of the service event. We provide this level of service as an exclusive benefit for Premier Support customers. When necessary, your LPS engineer will engage other technology partners such as Nutanix, VMware, or Microsoft to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Your LPS engineer will provide frequent updates throughout the service event. You are encouraged to contact your LPS engineer directly to request status, provide updates or make general inquires. We are a global support organization with a team of experts available to assist you 24 x 7 x 365.

Recommendation before repairs

It is highly recommended that before repairs are made, the following steps are taken:

1. Back up all data and software

2. Detached any removable media (for example, USB devices)

3. Update all firmware

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Lenovo Support Services

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We know that contract management can be a complex and time-consuming process.

United States

Warranty and Out of Warranty

1-844-806-3425 (24x7)


1-800-633-3600 (24x7)


Warranty and Out of Warranty

0845 161 0030 (M-F, 8:00-17:00)


0845 161 0050 (24x7)


Garanti och utan garanti

0200 88 47 02


0200 88 47 02 (M–F 9:00–17:00)



Warranty and Out of Warranty

+48 22 306 04 84


Warranty and Out of Warranty

800 62 800 (M–F 8:00–17:00)


800 56 044 (24x7)


Warranty and Out of Warranty

1890 946 500 (M–F 8:00–18:00*)+353 1 4118912 (M–F 8:00–18:00*)

(Except Bank Holidays)


1850 924 590 (24x7)+353 1 4118915 (24x7)


Garantie en buiten de garantie

0900 117 0000 (M–F 8:00–17:00)


0900 115 0000 (24x7)

+31 205 040 666 (24x7)


Produits garantis et hors garantie

0826 10 49 49 (L-V, 8:30-18:00*)+33 173018475 (L-V, 8:30-18:00*)

à l’exception des jours fériés et jours de fermeture d’HPE


0825 00 41 23 (24x7)+33 173018471


Garanti og udløbet garanti

+45 70 11 77 00 (M-F, 8:00-17:00)


+45 70 10 80 25 (24x7)


Warranty and Out of Warranty

1-844-806-3425 (24x7 for most products)


1-800-633-3600 (24x7)


Produits garantis et hors garantie

078 600 600 (L-V, 8:00-17:00)

+32 26 200 099 (L-V, 8:00-17:00)


078 250 144 (24x7)

+32 26 200 055 (24x7)


Produkte innerhalb und außerhalb Herstellergarantie

08 1000 2000 (M-F, 8:00-17:00)

Service Contracts

08 1000 2000 (24x7)

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We know that contract management can be a complex and time-consuming process.

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