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HPE Complementary Services

HPE Data Privacy Services - Data bearing component retention

HPE’s Support Services are priced on the basis that HPE can refurbish any faulty components but we have found that many customers wish to keep data retentive components due to data protection compliance concerns. HPE have two optional services to enable this:

HPE Defective Media Retention

DMR covers all HPE servers and storage products and gives you the means to retain all hard, solid-state, or flash drives if the drives are replaced or removed during a service event. DMR is available with HPE Foundation Care and HPE Proactive Care, through either Packaged Services or a Services Contract.

HPE Comprehensive Defective Material Retention

As an extension to DMR, CDMR allows you to keep all data retentive components after a failure, including memory and system boards, controllers, cache, and more for all HPE storage, servers and networking hardware
With these services, you can retain the data bearing components to sanitise and dispose of in line with your policies.

HPE Data Sanitisation

HPE also supply on-site or remote data sanitisation and destruction services to allow you to dispose of faulty drives in a safe and efficient manner.

HPE Lifecycle Services

HPE Lifecycle Services

HPE’s Lifecycle Event Services do exactly what they say, providing support services for your IT infrastructure from purchase through to retirement.

Integration & Deployment

New IT equipment needs to be installed properly into your environment and your network for you to gain maximum return on your investment. Integration and deployment services include installation and network setup delivered onsite by a HPE-trained engineer.

HPE Technical Services Support Credits

HPE has released a menu of services that are delivered remotely and/or onsite which enable you to optimise the performance of your equipment and increase productivity of your IT team. HPE Technical Services Support Credits are an easy way to purchase additional support for your team and the environment you’re running. From systems health checks for blades to best practice advice for managing firmware updates, the TS Support Credits menu offers a huge amount of services.

Relocation Services

Whether you’re growing into larger premises or moving your datacenter, Relocation Services can reduce the risk of damage to your equipment and failures post-move. During the relocation itself, HPE will increase your service level to 6 Hour Call to Fix to ensure that there are no delays once the kit arrives at the new site.

Customer Asset Program (CAP)

The HPE Customer Asset Program provides a physical audit of your IT environment and the support status of each item of hardware is established. We can then tailor the HPE support to your specific requirements.

HPE Education Services

Training and education for your IT team strengthens your whole business, and certification can increase customer trust in your abilities.

HPE offer a range of Education Services that have been proven to reduce the number of support calls logged with HPE increase the ROI of your infrastructure and reduce time spent fixing problems by 21%.

Technical Training covers Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions and some Third Party technology, ITIL/ITSM and project management Education Consulting Services include change management, performance management, workforce transformation and implementation of training solutions.

Certification is offered for VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, Linux, ITIL/ITSM and HP ExpertOne.

The Education portfolio covers:

To discuss which would be the most suitable service level for your enterprise, contact your Support Warehouse Account Manager. They will review the support you currently have in place, consider the criticality of each component of your infrastructure and recommend the HPE Technical Service that best meets your needs.

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