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Bring Extra Firepower to your IT with HPE Service Credits

Sebastian Berumen
July 5, 2024

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As an IT manager, you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes, you need the right help at the right time without worrying about budget constraints, purchase orders, or your team's availability. That's where HPE Service Credits come in handy.

Think of HPE Service Credits like a book of postage stamps, but for your IT needs. Just as you can use stamps whenever you need to send a letter without buying them each time, HPE Service Credits let you access over 100 IT services on demand. Whether you need infrastructure analysis or performance improvement, you can use these credits anytime during your contract. This flexibility and control can greatly enhance your team's efficiency.

Here is how HPE Service Credits can improve both individual and team productivity.

What are HPE Service Credits?

With IT departments under pressure to do more with less while continually improving performance, HPE Lifecycle Services offers IT teams the expertise to maximize their IT investments at every stage of the lifecycle. Often, internal IT resources are stretched thin, leading to project delays as they juggle day-to-day tasks. Additionally, slow spending approval processes can be critical when you need fast responses to raising issues. As part of this initiative, HPE Service Credits provide flexible, prepaid access to a wide range of predefined and custom-scope technical services. This allows customers to bank up credits for ready use, ensuring they can swiftly meet their IT operational, performance, capacity, and project objectives without being hindered by resource limitations or approval delays.

HPE Service Credits are available in packs of 10 or 30 credits, with options for 1,3, 4, or 5-year durations to allocate the necessary credits. Additional credits can be purchased at any time to meet evolving operational needs, ensuring continuous and adaptable IT support. It's important to note that these credits must be redeemed in the country of purchase and can’t be transferred if not used in the contract duration.

Which services can they be redeemed for?

These credits can be used for over 100 service menu options, including support for servers, storage, networking, software, and cloud infrastructure. They also cover IT assessments, resource allocation, and technical assistance. Click here to see the full menu on the HPE website.

We have compiled a F.A.Qs and a table of the most popular services redeemed with the HPE service credit system, you can read it by clicking here:

What are the Benefits?

HPE Service Credits offer flexible and immediate access to a wide range of IT services with many benefits. As part of HPE Lifecycle Services, they are useful at every stage—from before you purchase an HPE server to after you have sanitized and retired the hardware, and everything in between. Here are the benefits we see most useful for IT managers:

  • Flexible and Immediate Access:
    • Access a wide range of IT services quickly.
    • Ideal for urgent tasks like firmware updates, ensuring your IT systems remain secure and up to date, and keeping your projects on track.
  • Bypass Approval Delays:
    • Avoid weeks-long delays waiting for P.O. approval.
    • Instantly activate services to keep IT systems secure and projects on track.
  • Strategy and Budget-Friendly:
    • They are the same cost as buying services individually.
    • Enhances IT budget planning by accommodating unpredictable annual IT demands.
    • Provides peace of mind that essential tasks can be executed without financial uncertainty and without extra cost.
  • Resource Management:
    • Addresses low head counts and the need for extra capacity without hiring additional staff.
    • Saves on time and salary costs while accessing seasoned professionals.
    • Beneficial during peak workloads or complex technical challenges.
  • Your Personal Credit Advisor:
    • Includes access to an advisor for technical guidance and service selection.
    • Tailors services to specific needs, such as sudden increases in data storage requirements.
  • Access to HPE Expert Management:
    • Leverages HPE professionals’ expertise with your products.
    • Quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues.
    • Enhances system efficiency and reliability.
    • Allows IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives, like developing new applications or improving user experience.

The biggest benefit, and probably one that is overlooked, is that by trusting HPE to manage these tasks, you leverage the expertise of professionals who are experts with your products. For instance, HPE experts can quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues in your server infrastructure, leading to higher efficiency and reliability. This proactive approach maintains system integrity and lets your IT team focus on strategic initiatives, such as developing new applications or improving user experience.

HPE Service Credits are an essential tool for IT managers, offering the flexibility and immediate access needed to tackle a wide range of IT tasks with efficiency and urgency. By incorporating these credits into your strategy, you can ensure your systems remain secure and up to date, and keep your projects on track, all while staying within budget.

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